Meet the Dean


  Chair Professor

  Dean, The College of Science and Engineering 

  Cheng, Chia-Chi

  Ph.D., Civil and Environment Engineering

  Cornell University

As the dean of the College of Science and Engineering, it’s my privilege and pleasure to lead this great institution toward excellence. Our faculty members form a highly visible sign of our growth. They write around 50% of the referred archival papers published by faculty members of Chaoyang University of Technology, as well as obtain more than 50% of the research funds that our University can earn each year.

Propelled by our successes and guided by long-term development plan, we're approaching forward with these priorities: to expand our faculty, to increase our excellence in research, to continue the improvements of our facilities and environment, and to increase diversity among our students. As a matter of fact, our college is promoting the “Enterprise Program”, first recognized and performed very weill in Michigan Technological University, to increase the chance for students to learn business in practice and to work as a multidisciplinary team.

I am proud of working with the College Leadership Team and the outstanding faculty members as we are guided to preeminence by University’s strategic plan.